My Weekend Capsule


A few weeks ago I went for a weekend mini vacation. In this blog post I’ll show you the pieces I packed, how I styled them, and how I took Miakoda [which makes up the majority of my closet and this capsule] from day to night.


For this weekend capsule, I picked pieces that would easily mix and match and transition from day to night. The capsule would appear much smaller, but I decided to include bralettes + bramis in the mix [although “undergarments” are not required to include in a capsule]. I also chose not to include accessories— I brought one bag and two pairs of shoes [sneakers and heeled boots]. I’ve found that sticking to a tight neutral color palette made this extremely easy to mix and match!

  1. Fuzzy Coat: This coat was bought second hand and preloved from Poshmark. Shopping second hand is a great way to shop sustainably. Although this coat looks very warm, its a perfect mid-weight jacket that is perfect for the transitioning seasons.

  2. The Sweatshirt 2.0 in Charcoal: This sweatshirt is my fall staple because it’s the perfect hybrid between a long sleeve tee and a sweatshirt. It’s made from french terry which is the perfect weight to keep you warm outside without being overheated when you go inside. It’s also perfect for layering.

  3. The Backless Bodysuit in Black: I wanted to pack a piece that’s comfortable and also perfect to transition from day to night. The backless bodysuit is incredible soft and comfortable, so I knew I’d be happy to wear it for a day full of activities into a night out.

  4. The Bralette in Black: This capsule wardrobe would appear much smaller if I didn’t include bralettes and bramis, but they’re equal players in what made this capsule so successful for me. As much as I love wearing the backless bodysuit braless, for a day full of activities, I prefer some extra support, and the bralette was the perfect choice to fulfill this task.

  5. The Brami in Nude and Grey: I also packed two bramis… again, this capsule would appear much smaller if I didn’t include “undergarments” in my line up. Wearing a brami under the sweatshirt lets me get some extra wear out of it. I love layering pieces like the brami because they’re comfortable, double as a bra, and keeps my top layer cleaner longer. This means less washing after wearing which is more sustainable. I was also surprised how much extra warmth the brami provided as opposed to wearing a bralette or bra under the sweatshirt.

  6. The High Waisted Joggers in Frost- Driving 2 hours to my mini vacation, I knew I’d want to wear some super comfy pants, and the joggers are just that. They’re also equally cute so I’m not rushing to change into something else for the first day of activities.

  7. Slouchy Pants in Black - It’s no surprise that I can’t go a few days without wearing slouchy pants. They’re my all time favorite piece that we’ve made because they’re cute, comfortable, and easily worn for a variety of occasions and activities. Read more about how to style slouchy pants HERE

  8. High Waisted Skinny Jeans- I bought these second hand off of Poshmark. When in doubt, shop second hand. These are super high rise with a decent amount of stretch. I love wearing them out at night [as I’m not much of a denim gal… during the day, I prefer comfier options].


FRIDAY DAY— For the first day I wore the high waisted joggers with the sweatshirt 2.0 and a brami underneath. This is the most comfortable outfit and perfect for packing my car, driving 2 hours, and unpacking.


FRIDAY NIGHT: My theme and rule for this trip was to change as little about my outfit from day to night. I went out for dinner both nights of this trip, so I wanted my look to be a bit less casual. I kept the brami and sweatshirt on and changed my joggers out for jeans. I also swapped my sneakers for a pair of heeled boots. I only brought two pairs of shoes, and this worked perfectly every day! I loved this outfit and would even wear it during the day [if I wanted to wear jeans all day].


SATURDAY DAY: Day two, we were doing all of our cute fall activities, and I wanted to wear an outfit I’d really love and felt comfortable in. I paired the backless bodysuit [worn with the bralette underneath] with black slouchy pants. I just loved wearing this outfit. I felt fashionable, cute, and comfortable. Luckily it was pretty warm during the day and I was able to wear this without a sweatshirt to show off the open back. In the months ahead, I’ll wear this outfit with a cardigan or sweatshirt.


SATURDAY NIGHT: Ohhh it got chilly from day to night. I kept the bodysuit and bralette on and changed my pants for skinny jeans and added the heeled boots. It was also extremely chilly, so I added the coat as well. The backless bodysuit is my favorite piece to dress up and down and this is one of my usual go to looks for dinners out.


SUNDAY: I only wore one outfit for today since we were traveling home today. I wore a brami, layered with the sweatshirt 2.0, and slouchy pants. This is another outfit that never fails me. Super comfortable while looking cute and polished. Perfect for exploring the town and driving home.


Thank you for coming along on my weekend capsule journey with me!

Julia Ahrens