Why Do We Make Comfy Clothing?


One of the questions we get asked frequently is "Why do you make comfy clothes?"

Comfy clothing gets a rap for being "sloppy" "for around the house" "to run errands in" etc etc, but that's not how we see it.

Comfy clothing, to us, means clothing you feel good in... mentally AND physically.

You might be wondering what it means to be mentally and physically comfortable. And that's totally normal. It's not something thats talked about quite enough! Let's break it down...

Have you ever worn a pair of pants that were a bit too tight and hard to sit in? Or a sweater that was so itchy that you could only think about changing into your pajamas all day?

That's physically discomfort and that’s something Miakoda NEVER wants to be. Wearing clothing that stretches, that moves with your body, that’s soft and made from natural fibers... that's comfort! Our clothing is designed to look good AND feel good. Because when you're feeling your best, you look your best.

Have you ever made a decision that didn't sit well with you? You thought about it all week? You felt bad and wished you had chosen differently?

That's mental discomfort and again, something we NEVER want to cause. When you support Miakoda, you are shopping sustainably, ethically, and SMALL [did you know we are a small family owned business?]. By shopping with us, you never have to worry if animals, humans, or our planet are being exploited or harmed-- you know that your dollar isn't supporting any fast fashion evils. Learn more about our ethics + sustainability HERE.

Our top mission is to make clothing that you can feel good wearing and good about support. What isn't comfy about that?! 

Julia Ahrens