10 Favorite Vegan and Eco-Friendly Accessories


Although this post expands beyond handbags and shoes, finding vegan accessories that are also eco-friendly can be difficult to find. We’ve curated our top ten handbags, shoes, and other essential accessories. Enjoy!

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1. Remember Me Green Crossbody

It’s no surprise that Remember Me Green is the first on our list [although this list isn’t in any particular order]. We have collaborated with them time and time again to create zero waste, eco-friendly accessories [see HERE]! We love Remember Me Green because all their products are made ethically in the USA from up-cycled NYC billboards. Fun Fact: did you know that billboards are made from a durable, water resistant vinyl material that typically ends up in landfills to break down into smaller and smaller plastic particles [but will never fully break down]!? Their bags keep billboards out of landfills and give them a second life!

2. Filbert ‘Irving’ Backpack

Filbert is our go to for vegan leather bags. They’re another small business who is really doing fashion the right way. Their bags are made from sustainable vegan leather and all their bags are made in ethical factories! Plus, they’re incredibly cute, stylist, and well made.

3. RMG x Miakoda Moon Pouch

This is our favorite large size pouch to carry all necessities. I will typically put all the items I’m looking to find easily inside the pouch, and carry the pouch inside my handbag. It also doubles as the perfect clutch. Made from up-cycled billboards and lined with our deadstock and scrap fabric… it doesn’t get more sustainable than that!

4. Baggu Reusable Bag

A reusable bag is a necessary accessory to always have in my bag. I love the Baggu bags because they’re light weight, fold up small, and can carry a lot! I always keep one in my purse just in case! The one item you will never ever seen on any trend or favorites list is a disposable plastic bag…. plus these come in adorable prints!

5. OLLI Natural Rubber Flip Flops

Flip flops are possibly one of the most easily overlooked shoes. You can get them so inexpensive at a variety of retailers. I’m guilty of having thrown out tons of “extra pairs of flip flops” in my life…. until I realized how wasteful it is to overlook them. I love the OLLI flip flops because they’re made from natural rubber, fair trade, have the most classic flip flop design… and they’ve never given my blisters yet [however, like all flip flops, I wouldn’t wear them for long walks!]

6. Nicora ‘Angela’ Platform Clog

It’s with a heavy heart that I share one of my favorite vegan and sustainable shoe brands is closing up shop, but I couldn’t not share them in this post. Their shoes are just too good and too much for a favorite [so snag them quick before they’re gone!]. Their shoes are made from eco-friendly vegan leather, ethically made in the USA, incredibly crafted [I’ve had one pair for about 5 years now and they’re still good as new!], and beautifully designed.

7. Yatay Sneakers

Yatay sneakers are one of my newer favorites. I’ve had my Yatay sneakers for about 6 months and they’ve easily become one of the pairs of shoes I reach for most often. They’re made ethically from sustainable vegan leather… and they’re SO comfy. I’ve never gotten blisters from them, the material is so soft, and I love the classic sneaker design. The cute hemp laces are the cherry on top!

8. Bhava ‘Rally’ Boot

Bhava is another NY based brand that I absolutely love. I’ve been wearing their shoes for years and they never disappoint. I still have the first pair of shoes I bought from them. My newest acquisition is their ‘Rally’ boot. They’re a classic design, made from vegan leather, and ethically made! They’re incredibly comfy, sturdy, and made to last!

9. Miakoda Scrunchie

It’s no surprise that we are a big fan of our scrunchies. They’re handmade from the scraps that we create during garment production. When we learned how much waste is created during the cutting and sewing process of making garments, we were SHOCKED. Our scrunchies have become our best selling and most loved zero waste initiative. They are cute, comfy to wear, and help us keep fabric scraps out of the landfill.

10. Yuhme Water Bottle

You’re never fully dressed without your…. reusuable water bottle! Silly but true, I never leave my house without a reusable water bottle. Staying hydrated and having no reason to support single waste plastic are two of my top priorities. The Yuhme water bottles are so cute, they’re a fashion accessory to me! PLUS they’re made from sugarcane, carbon negative, light weight, and hold so much water!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our top 10 favorite vegan and eco friendly accessories!

Julia Ahrens