Fun Facts About The Founders Of Miakoda


Hi Everyone! Laura and Julia here! We are the founders of Miakoda and here to share more about us with you! We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy sharing bits and pieces about us.


Name: Julia Ahrens

Favorite Color: Black... or white. But if I had to pick a "real" color, dark green!

Spirit Animal: Goose! I know it's odd, but I just love them and feel connected to them.

Favorite Animal Sanctuary: Catskill Animal Sanctuary and Lewis Oliver Farm Sanctuary are two amazing one's that I've visited!

Favorite Retreat Center: Metta Earth in Lincoln, Vermont! 

Favorite Food: Chocolate or vegan pizza. Also raisins!

Most Hated Food: Shitake mushrooms and cooked carrots

Favorite Beverage: Water, hot green tea, or lightly sweetened green bubble tea!

Favorite Restaurant: Candle Cafe East in NYC or Divya’s Kitchen in NYC . Plant Wise for a casual bite on LI…. and Dove Vivi in Portland, Oregon still has the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had.

Favorite City: Portland, Oregon 

Top Hobbies: Exercising [lifting, running, anything physical], Yoga, Crotcheting, Watching Youtubers talk about all things zero waste, clean beauty, and cruelty free, finding places to take beautiful walks.

Favorite Self Care Activities: Baths and moisturizing!

Current Favorite Shoe: Currently obsessed with my Yatay vegan sneakers

Current Favorite Bag: The Filbert Stanyan has been my go to lately 

Favorite Beauty Item: Clove and Hallow lip velvet has my heart and Lily Lolo Mascara is a close runner up

Favorite Hair Care Item: Prim Botanicals Hair Oil is the best for hot oil treatments or everyday use!

Favorite Ethical Fashion Brand that isn't Miakoda: If i'm not wearing slouchy pants, you'll probably find me in Pony Babe pleat pants. 

Go To Outfit: Black slouchy pants, Black Brami/ Tee / Sweatshirt 2.0 [depending on the weather], White Yatay vegan sneakers

Favorite Holiday: Christmas!

Favorite Season: Spring!

What inspires you to practice yoga: Knowing that it brings me closer to feeling like my truest self, centers me, and makes me feel strong, flexible, and capable.

Best lesson you've learned from being on your yoga mat: Nothing lasts forever.... and to breathe!

Top reason why you gave up fast fashion: Nothing looks as good as ethical feels!! But in all seriousness-- feeling cute or saving a few dollars will never justify hurting, exploiting, and taking advantage of other humans, animals, and our planet.

Reason you are vegan: Originally for the animals... and being healthy for myself and helping the planet is a great added bonus!

What you love most about Miakoda: Everyday I get to contribute something to the world that feels SO important to me. Miakoda inspires me to live by my morals and values and to help share what I'm passionate with to the world. 


Name: Laura Ahrens

Favorite Color: White, light blue, grays

Spirit Animal: Sheep and bees! I also connect to ladybugs. 

Favorite Animal Sanctuary: I've sadly only ever been to one. But I feel very connected to Farm Sanctuary because of the turkeys I adopt there every year for my loved ones for Thanksgiving!

Favorite Retreat Center: Metta Earth Institute stateside in VT, and Apoyo Lodge abroad in Nicaragua

Favorite Food: I love me a good Buddha or Goddess bowl, complete with steamed greens, a grain, veggies, and a creamy, garlicky sauce with sprouts on top. Basically any original hippie food and I'm there for it. 

Most Hated Food: Cilantro and eggplant

Favorite Restaurant: Organic Garden Cafe in Beverly, MA; 21 Oak in Manchester, CT; Floripa in Barcelona, Spain, and Farm Spirit in Portland, Oregon

Favorite City: London and Paris

Top Hobbies: Yoga, spending time in nature, traveling and exploring, spending time with those I love. I've also been really loving standup paddle boarding. 

Favorite Self Care Activities: Taking a bath, getting a massage, going to acupuncture, time in nature, taking a mental health day and never leaving the house, meditating daily, sitting by the big windows in my living room so I can soak the sun in year-round. 

Current Favorite Shoe: The duke cowboy boot by Good Guys Don't Wear Leather. I think favorite of all time. Currently in white.

Current Favorite Bag: HFS collective Mind's Eye Vintage Denim Pocket Bum Bag

 Favorite Beauty Item: Eyelash curler and mascara from Zao. You mostly can't get me to do anything more than that. Good skincare. 

 Favorite Hair Care Item: The godiva shampoo bar from Lush. I just seriously can't find anything that is quite as amazing as it is.

Favorite Ethical Fashion Brand that isn't Miakoda: I like Agolde organic/recycled denim jeans 

Go To Outfit: Frost, black, or white slouchies or joggers paired with a bralette and a bodysuit of the same color. 

Favorite Holiday: My birthday and Halloween

Favorite Season: Fall           

What inspires you to practice yoga: I feel aligned with my purpose for being alive.

Best lesson you've learned from being on your yoga mat: What's real is not always concrete and what is concrete is not always real.

 Top reason why you gave up fast fashion: I care about people and the planet.

Reason you are vegan: I care about doing what's right, and (even more importantly) not doing what I know to be wrong.

What you love most about Miakoda: It was created out of love, and continues to be run that way. I can feel a big hug in everything that I wear. I know that when I wear Miakoda and not something else that I'm making a distinct choice about how I want to be in the world, and I feel good about that choice.

Thanks for learning more about us! Leave a comment below with a fun fact so we can get to know you too!

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