Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide 2018

As the holiday season approaches, finding gifts that are sustainable and thoughtful can be a struggle. We so often default to buying “stuff” that often ends up in the trash or lost in a drawer somewhere.

We’ve curated our top 30 gift ideas that are all eco-friendly and vegan to fit the needs and budget of just about everyone!

  • MIAKODA ZERO WASTE MOONSTONE BRACELETS // $12 // Buy one for your friend and let them know about our zero waste initiatives and amazing properties of moonstone crystals! OR buy two— one for you and one for your friend for the perfect friendship bracelet.

  • HOMEMADE BITES // Just the cost of ingredients // Nothing says loving like something from the often [or in many of these recipes, the kitchen… since they aren’t baked]. We love the recipes linked from the Minimalist Baker. They’re easy, delicious, and great gifts. PRO TIP: Reuse a glass container or mason jar to pack the bites up. It’ll look cute and is an eco friendly way to package!

  • A BOTTLE OF VEGAN WINE // $8 and up // The Tree Kisser [one of our favorite animal advocates] recently put together a list of her favorite vegan affordable wines that you can actually find in stores! There’s tons of options in her blog post that we’ve linked, so you’re sure to find a good fit for your favorite wine drinker.

  • REUSABLE STRAW + STRAW SLEEVE // $2.95 for the straw $12 for the case // A reusable straw is awesome, but we love straw sleeves because they give you an eco-friendly and practical way to carry your reusable straw with you. Straws aren’t recyclable. They end up in landfills and in our oceans. A reusable straw and sleeve is a great way to say I care about you and our planet… and they make great stocking stuffers too!

  • REUSABLE FACIAL ROUNDS // $16 for 20 rounds // Reusable facial rounds are perfect for removing make up. Say goodbye to single use, disposable make up removers. These reusable rounds will last for years and years. before your have to replace them.

  • YOUR FAVORITE VEGAN COOKBOOK // $20ish // We linked Isa Does It because it’s one of our favorite vegan cookbooks. If you and the person you’re gifting love to cook, you can suggest trying some of the recipes together!

  • MAKE YOUR OWN TRAIL MIX // The cost of ingredients // Grab a glass container or mason jar and fill it up with a custom blend of nuts, seeds, dried fruits [we recommend adding chocolate chips]. You can make one signature blend to portion out and gift to all of your gift recipients, or personalize each mixture to meet the tastes and preferences of each of your giftees.

  • MAKE YOUR OWN GIFT BASKET // The cost of ingredients // Making your own gifts is a thoughtful way to create practical gifts that are also budget friendly. Does your gift recipient love granola? Make them a gift basket of your personal favorites! We love breakfast baskets. Fill it up with all the ingredients of your favorite vegan pancakes, a bottle of delicious maple syrup, and maybe even some fair trade coffee or your favorite tea!

  • DONATE IN SOMEONE’S NAME // How ever much you want! // Whether it be sponsoring an animal at a farm sanctuary or giving to a charity that you and your recipient feel passionately about, the gift of giving back and supporting an important cause always feels good. It’s a great way to give the perfect feel good gift and the perfect gift for the minimalist in your life. Need an idea of a place to donate? Check out one of our favorite animal sanctuaries HERE and one of our favorite organizations HERE.

  • YOUR FAVORITE BOOK //$10 + // Sharing a book that has meaning to you is a meaningful gift. If you have the book already, this gift could potentially cost nothing, while still meaning a lot! We personally love inscribing the book with a note to add extra love and meaning. Check out some of our favorite books HERE, HERE, and HERE.

  • SUBSCRIPTION TO YOUR FAVORITE BEAUTY BOX // $54 and up // We linked the Petit Vour subscription beauty box because they offer great cruelty free and vegan beauty options. If you have a beauty lover in your life who either loves cruelty free beauty or who is skeptical about giving up conventional brands [that test on animals], this gift is the perfect fit. You can choose a 3, 6, or 12 month membership!

  • UPCYCLED POUCH // $35 and up // Little pouches always come in handy. We linked the Remember Me Green pouches where you can choose from a flat zipper pouch or cosmetic case zipper pouch. They’re made from upcycled NYC billboards that would otherwise end up in landfills. You can even fill these little guys up with some of your favorite eco-friendly items [vegan lip balm or your favorite non toxic lipstick?!] for even more excitement!

  • REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE // $35 // So many people already have a reusable water bottle. If you have a loved one who still uses single use plastic bottles, this gift is the perfect match. It will actually save them money in the long run, AND it’s better for the planet. We linked our favorite eco-friendly bottle, Yuhmee. We love their light weight bottle, that it’s made from sugar cane, and that they give back by providing clean water for those in need. You can find them on Amazon too, HERE.

  • CRYSTAL BATH BOMBS // $10 each, but you’ll want to buy more! // Have a person in your life who either loves self care or needs a little extra self care? We love the crystal bath bombs from Twinkle Apothecary. They’re luxurious, nourishing, and feel absolutely magical. PLUS you end up with a special crystal once the bath bomb is done. These go for $10 a pop, but we put them in this price category because you’ll want to buy your gift recipient a few since there’s so many amazing natural scents to choose from.

  • VEGAN DINNER // Price will vary // A loving way to say happy holidays is to share a meal with your friend or family member. Bring them to their favorite vegan restaurant and pick up the check. It’s a great way to spend time with someone you care about and enjoy a cruelty free meal. Need help picking a restaurant? Check out our vegan restaurant guide HERE.

  • HANDMADE MUG // $30 + // So many enjoy a warm beverage, whether that be tea or coffee, to start their day. We’ve found that adding in the special touch of having that first comforting drink in a handmade mug adds an element of intention and specialness. We’ve linked one of our favorite artists, Pitch Pine Pottery. Prices will vary depending on the piece. If you have a coffee or tea lover, this might be the perfect gift for them…. and it will last them for years and years and year!

  • SPECIAL CANDLES // $36 // We love the Magic Hour Ritual Candles because you can choose what intention you want to gift depending on the candle you choose. They’re made from soy wax, and infused with essential oils, herbs, crystals….and MAGIC! They make the perfect gift for anyone who loves a magical candle or wants to bring more intention and spirituality to their routine.

  • CRYSTALS // Prices vary // Crystals are a great magical way to give a special gift in varying sizes. Prices vary in size, price, color, properties, and the perfect way to give a special and personalized gift for any of your spiritual or magic-loving loved ones.

  • ORGANIC TOWELS OR BED SHEETS // $39.99 - $99.99 // Towels and bed sheets often fall thru the cracks when shopping ethically and sustainably. We love Under the Canopy [linked] because they offer high quality, super luxurious, organic, and ethically made options for both of these items! For anyone who loves to sleep, loves to shower, or loves building an intentional home, we highly recommend these.

  • REUSABLE COFFEE CUP + GIFT CARD TO THEIR FAVORITE COFFEE OR TEA SHOP // $30+ // The gift that keeps giving… for your gift recipient who loves a warm beverage from their favorite coffee or tea shop. We linked our favorite Swell bottle. We recommend the traveler style because it has a wide mouth and is easy for baristas to fill. Disposable coffee cups are a guilty pleasure for many. Buying a beautiful reusable replacement is a fun way to help the planet and get excited about your morning [or afternoon… or evening] coffee or tea. Pairing the bottle with a gift card is optional, but adds a little extra something something.

  • MIAKODA HOODIE // $158// We might be biased but we think this is the perfect present for someone who loves to be comfy, cozy, eco-friendly, and wear ethical fashion. This comfy cloak of softness is perfect for lounging on the couch, wearing over yoga or exercise clothing, running errands, or just being extremely cute and comfy!

  • THE PERFECT VEGAN HANDBAG // $125 + // The perfect vegan handbag is the perfect addition to any closet. Finding an ethically made and luxurious eco-friendly bag can we a struggle, but we’ve found it for you!

  • THE GIFT OF YOGA // Prices vary // Giving the gift of yoga is a great way to bring some peace of mind and intention to someone’s life. If they have a favorite studio, we recommend buying a class pass or monthly pass to that studio! If they’re new to yoga, a yoga mat is a great place to start! For the person who struggle to make time to get to a class, an online subscription is a great option!.

  • MANICURE KIT [VEGAN + NON TOXIC] // Price varies, starting around $25 and up! // A manicure is a great form of self care, self expression, and relaxing! The majority of nail polishes contain harm chemicals that can be detrimental… and many are tested on animals! We love the Sienna Byron Bay brand that is stocked at The Organic Bunny. She also has a ton of great cruelty free and non toxic nail care products HERE. You can make this gift as big or small as you want depending on how many colors and how many products catch your eye or would appeal to your recipient!

  • SUSTAINABLE VEGAN SNEAKERS // $270 // Finding the perfect vegan sneaker can be a struggle. Finding one that’s sustainable can be even more difficult. We love the Yatay vegan sneakers because they’re made ethically and sustainably… and they’re incredibly cute and comfortable. Perfect for any fashionista!

  • SPECIAL HANDMADE JEWELRY // Prices vary // Handmade is a great way to support craft and buy something unique and special for someone special. Some of our favorites are Kathe Cuervo and Ritual Remains!

  • ASTROLOGY CHART READING // $150+ // A cool and unusual gift to give is an astrology chart reading. It’s the perfect zero waste gift that your recipient will remember forever.

  • SELF LOVE PINKY RING // $129 + // What better gift to give someone than a reminder to love themselves. That’s why we love the Fred + Far self love pinky rings. They’re sustainably and ethically made, their team is wonderful and loving, and the intention is something that’s near and dear to our hearts. Perfect for your jewelry loving special someone who deserves all the love in the world!

  • ECO-FRIENDLY MEDITATION SEAT // $129 + // There are a million ways to meditate and a million options for seats, but we love this one because of it’s awesome eco-friendly materials. Meditation is free, but it’s hard to get excited about it to make it a permanent part of your daily routine. Adding in a comfortable and cool seat is a great way to get started. Gifting someone who isn’t familiar with meditation, add in a subscription to Headspace — a wonderful meditation app and resource.

  • VITAMIX BLENDER // $249 + // The Vitamix is a well talked about item, and for good reason. This blending beauty makes cooking fun and exciting. If you have someone who loves to cook, this is the perfect gift. Need some Vitamix inspiration, check out this blog post HERE.


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