50 New Years Resolutions That Might Be Perfect For you!


New years resolutions are so often things that ask us to change, to be better, to be different. We are sick of the diet culture inspired resolutions and we bet you are too. What if we picked something that feels good instead of making us “look good” or “be different” than we already are.

We’ve put together a list of 50 resolutions [and intentions] that might be perfect for you!

These resolutions are suggested as ideas to appreciate yourself, appreciate our planet, and implement small changes that can make you feel good!

1. Stop buying fast fashion [shop from small ethical businesses or thrift!]

2. Remember to bring your own bottle to reduce your plastic waste

3. Make your morning coffee or beverage at home to save money and reduce waste

4. Say no to straws [we’ve all heard about giving up straws in 2018, but if you haven’t yet, 2019 is a great time to start! Carrying a reusable takes up very little room and it’s so much better for the planet.]

5. Identify one area in your life where you are creating a lot of waste and find a reusable swap [Maybe you use a lot of napkins or paper towels—try using clothing napkins and rags!]

6. Meditate at least 10 minutes a day

7. Go to yoga weekly or practice at home weekly

8. Take a relaxing bath weekly

9.  Commit to finding a self care activity that feels amazing for you [baths, walks, meditating, napping, putting down your phone, etc]

10. Make time to call a friend every week

11. Read a book every month

12. Take more walks [Although a difficult resolution to start in the winter depending on your location, it’s a great resolution to implement in warmer months… it’s never to late to start a new intention!]

13. Start a gratitude journal

14. Be kinder to yourself [Reminding yourself everyday out loud how awesome you are is a very powerful practice.]

15. Start journaling [or pick up the journal you haven’t written in recently]

16. Cook more

17. Start meal prepping [It’s a great way to save money by not eating out, to eat healthy, and to save time!]

18. Do something fun everyday [Whether that be watching your favorite tv show, playing a game, playing with your pet, or doing an activity or hobby you really love.]

19. Pick up a hobby you’ve forgotten about [Used to love playing the guitar, pick it back up! Maybe there’s a video game or sport you loved playing… get back into it!]

20. Say please and thank you more

21. Tell people when you appreciate them [That person can be the customer service representative who helped you on the phone, a family member, and that person can be yourself too!]

22. Set a bedtime for yourself

23. Create a night time routine [Maybe that’s lighting candles—just make sure to blow them out before sleeping--, meditating, doing your skincare routine, moisturizing, doing breathing exercises, reading, etc.]

24. Create a morning routine to help you start each day with intention [Maybe a lemon water, mindful glass of matcha, some breathing, a nice skincare routine, or some gentle yoga is a great place to start]

25. Start a skincare routine [It’s a great form of self care and feels great!]

26. Moisturize more [Our skin is our largest organ and it feels great to take our of ourselves in this way]

27. Declutter an area of your life [Maybe you’ve been holding on to clothing that doesn’t fit or that you don’t wear, or a pile of papers you haven’t wanted to organize, or your make up collection has expired and old products… go thru them and organize! Less clutter allows for more space… in your home and in your mind.]

28. Spend more time with the people you love

29. Make the intention to visit an animal sanctuary [They are amazing and it’s an incredible experience to connect with animals in a loving way!]

30. Adopt a fur [or hair/scales/etc] friend

31. Explore more [If you’re able to, travel, or even go to a new part of the city or town you live in and explore!]

32. Set the intention to be on time [Give yourself extra time to avoid the stress and anxiety of being constantly late]

33. Go to museums [If they’re accessible to you, museums are a great place to learn and have fun]

34. Stop comparing yourself to others on social media [A difficult one, but comparison is the thief of joy! Try following a variety of people to change your perspective and start appreciating the people you follow and most importantly… yourself!]

35. Keep a calendar [Whether it be a physical calendar or using the one in your phone, keeping track of important meetings, dates, etc is a great way to stay organized]

36. Be creative [Start a drawing, painting, doodling, scrap booking, listen to more music, play an instrument, sing, etc!!]

37. Switch your products to be cruelty free [logicalharmony.net is a great resource to find cruelty free… this applies to make up, self care products, and home cleaning products!]

38. Find a form of physical exercise that feels good to you [Maybe that’s running, Pilates, gentle yoga, lifting weights, mixed martial arts, stretching, any form of movement no matter how gentle or vigorous is great to create a mind body connection.]

39. Eat more plants [Eating vegan even one day a week or one meal a week is a great way to switch up your nutritious and reduce your carbon footprint.]

40. Try new foods [Sometimes we get stuck in such a rut of eating the same foods or we fear trying something unknown! Worse case scenario is you don’t eat it again.]

41. Bake more cookies [It’ll make your home smell great, they taste great, and even better if you can share with a friend, family member, co worker, or neighbor.]

42. Practice breathing before you react [This practice allows us to put our kindest foot into the world. Someone cuts you off on the road… breathe. Someone knocks into you at the grocery store… breathe.]

43. Talk about your feelings [This is super important and powerful, whether you discuss with a friend or family member or a trained professional.]

44. Get a hair cut to start the new year[Maybe you need a change and want to chop a lot of hair off… or maybe just get a fresh trim to make you feel really awesome.]

45. Make a vision board [Collect images, words, quotes, and other bits and pieces that inspire you and that you want to bring into the new year. These can be things you want to do, places you want to travel, people you want to spend time with, words that you’d like to have— ex: peace of mind, patience, etc. Put them all together on a board and keep it in a place where you can look at it daily.]

46. Try the 30 wears challenge [This challenge asks you to wear the pieces of clothing you have at least 30 times. In the era of fast fashion, this asks us to slow down, to wear what we have, to wear clothing more than one or two times… and you can get creative by styling a piece you own in multiple ways!]

47. Try a capsule wardrobe [Erin at My Green Closet has great information about how to start a capsule wardrobe HERE… or start smaller by doing a 10x10 which is explained by Lee HERE]

48. Compliment others more [Maybe you love someones hair, outfit, shoes, their attitude, their smile— you’d be surprised how much telling other people something positive affects them and YOU!]

49. Say no single use plastic items— like plastic bags, plastic bottles, even small things like k cups and small soy sauce and ketchup packages.

50. Put your phone away when you’re with people. [Don’t look at your phone at the dinner table, keep your phone in your pocket or bag instead of your hand— appreciate the people you’re with instead of living in the cyber realm 24/7.]

Any of these resolutions resonate with you? Share in the comments which practices or ideas you’ll be implementing in 2019! Have another intention you’re bringing into the new year? Share below!

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