Our Zero Waste Initiatives

Zero Waste Initiatives - Sustainable Vegan Accessory by Miakoda

What is Zero Waste? Zero waste is a way of living and designing that generates little to no waste-- aka nothing ending up in landfills or incinerators.

The fashion industry is without a doubt an incredibly wasteful industry. From fast fashion being thrown away by consumers [surprisingly a lot of fast fashion is thrown away without ever being worn!], to scraps and left over fabric being tossed in the trash by factories and companies during garment production. 

On a routine trip to the NYC factory that we work with to manage our production, the factory owner told us he has to pay an additional charge to have his excess fabric waste picked up and disposed of because even at his small factory, SO much waste is produced. 

We knew we couldn't be yet another company adding to this problem.

That day when we left the factory,  we took all of our fabric scraps back to the office with us. We had just produced about 500 pieces of clothing, which created one large garbage bag of fabric trash. We had already been optimizing our patterns to use as much of our fabric yardage as possible, and our factory confirmed that our "trash" was minimal compared to other companies.

What to do with these scraps?! 

The fabric scraps come in a variety of lengths, widths, shapes, sizes... which makes it difficult to find a simple way to put them all to good use. Since then, we've developed a method for repurposing the majority of our scraps!

Zero Waste Initiatives - Ethical Vegan Accessory by Miakoda
  • Miakoda x RMG Moon Accessories - This collaboration with Remember Me Green, another eco-friendly, NY based, and woman-owned company, that repurposes NYC billboards into accessories. Our collaboration with them uses our deadstock [left over yardage] and large scraps to line the inside of the pouches + wristlets. If you've ever shopped with RMG and found that your pouch is lined with a fabric that looks familiar, we often donate large scraps to them! It's a win-win for us and a win-win for the planet!
  • The Zero Waste Pom Pom Keychain - The long fabric scraps that are too thin and long to be turned into anything else are made into pom poms. These pom poms are attached to a keychain to make the perfect sustainable friend for your keys. We've even teamed up with Remember Me Green to add these to a mini pouch . 
  • The Zero Waste Scrunchie - Bringing back the 90s in the most sustainable way... our thicker long scraps are turned into scrunchies. These little cuties are handmade in our office by our team, so they're a true labor of love. Even the elastic on the inside is deadstock-- left over from our older production. 

In a world that isn't zero waste, we can always find ways to do better to create a greener future.

Thank you for supporting our zero waste initiatives. We are constantly working hard to reduce our footprint and find more ways to lessen our impact.  

Julia Ahrens