Meet Our New Zero Waste Packaging


We have been making efforts and initiatives to be even more eco friendly, sustainable, and zero waste. If you haven’t already, check out our blog post on our ZERO WASTE INITIATIVES. We will be doing an updated version of this blog post soon as some of our zero waste items have changed. You can always shop the ZERO WASTE SECTION of our website HERE.

One of the questions we’ve gotten a lot is why we use plastic bags to ship our clothing in. All the plastic we use is recycled, and we feel good about that. We source these materials from an awesome company called EcoEnclose who really does their best to create sustainable alternatives to conventional packaging.

The plastic bags keep the clothing clean and safe thru being made at the factory, storage in our office, and shipping to you. We’ve experimented with not using any bag and found lots of clothing was getting damaged— which is also unsustainable.

Our newest solution is to package in reusable organic cotton, fair trade bags [pictured above]! We are super excited about these and we hope you are too! Because we still have a lot of recycled poly bags left, we will still be packing in the recycled plastic bags until we use them up [nothing will be thrown out or wasted]…. but you’ll start to slowly see more and more of our styles shipped in these new cotton bags.

Thanks for being part of our sustainable, eco friendly, and zero waste journey!

Julia Ahrens