Six Ways To Wear Slouchy Pants

How to Wear Sustainable Slouchy Pants from Miakoda

Lets talk about slouchy pants. Love them or hate them-- either way, you'll never put something SO comfortable on your body. They've been a Miakoda staple and customer favorite since day one. 

Fun Fact: Slouchy pants are the ONLY style we've made EVERY season since our first collection in 2013

The number one question we get is: 'How should I wear [style] them?" In this blog post, I'll share my 6 favorite ways to style them or occasions to wear them for. 

How to Wear Sustainable Slouchy Pants from Miakoda - Dressed Up

This styling might be the most counter intuitive to how you think you should wear the most comfortable pants ever. When I need to look a bit more on the "fancy" side and still want to be the utmost comfortable, I pair our slouchy pants with a monochromatic bodysuit + our robe [sometimes open, sometimes with the tie]. Throw on a pair of big wedges or heels and you're good to go out for the night! Maybe add a bright lipstick or a fancy bag for a little extra oomph. Perfect for those fancier occasions that are still on the casual side.

The most traditional way to wear slouchy pants-- casually! Whether I'm heading to the farmers market, the beach, to run errands, maybe going to do a bit of yoga, I love wearing slouchy pants with some comfy shoes [sandals, flip flops, or sneakers]. Pair with a brami for hotter days, the tee for hot but not so hot days, or a cropped sweatshirt [ours will be back for fall!] for cooler days. 

My personal favorite way to wear slouchy pants... for self care activities! Ideally I'd love to wear them to a spa [as photographed here] everyday! Wouldn't a mandatory weekly spa day be wonderful!? Although for most of us, spa days aren't part of our regular routine, slouchy pants are the perfect piece of clothing to help you feel most comfortable for these special days. Nothing says ultimate comfort like putting on super soft organic pants [that aren't tight!] after a day of relaxation. Slouchy pants are my favorite for just about every self care activity for this reason. Can't make it to the spa? Try slipping into some slouchy pants after a relaxing bath at home. We also recommend for self care activities like meditating, acupuncture, reiki, or even laying on the couch watching your favorite movie. 

Street style and "model-off-duty" style has gained a ton of popularity in the past decade. Around Fashion Week, you see tons of models being photographed in their ever so effortlessly chic outfits. Khrystyana, body positive model and activist, nailed the effortless-chic look in our white slouchy pants on the streets of Brooklyn, NY. We suggest pairing our slouchy pants with a crop top or a vintage band tee,  a vegan leather jacket or vintage denim jacket, and a pair of easy sneakers to get the look.

Slouchy pants are the ultimate travel pant. The elastic waistband and slouchy silhouette are nonrestrictive and give you full range of motion to get as comfortable as possible on your travels.  If you're traveling by plane, we recommend pairing with an oversized hoodie to stay warm!

Hate practicing yoga in tight clothing.... hello, meet the slouchy pants! Slouchy pants are the ultimate comfy pant to bring to your practice-- no restriction, no tight clothing, no limitations. We especially love these comfy pants for gentle yoga practices and restorative practices. They feel like a comfy friend supporting you thru each posture and mindful breath.

And the best part-- you can wear them high rise, mid rise, or low rise. They're incredibly versatile, so play around and see what slouchy styling suites you best! We recommend low to mid rise for a *slouchier* look and high rise but a *slouchy but not so slouchy* look!


Do you have a favorite way to style your slouchy pants? Let us know! 


Julia Ahrens