Sustainable Winter Essentials


Winter is the darkest and coldest time of the year. Having the perfect hoodie, perfect lotion, or perfect cup of tea can be game changing to keep you warm, nourished, and comfy thru the season. Here are our top ten sustainable winter essentials.

1. The Perfect Hoodie

When it’s freezing cold outside, the best feeling is warming up in a deliciously soft hoodie. We might be partial to loving our organic fleece hoodie… but we wouldn’t make it if we didn’t think it was amazingly soft and cozy.

2. The Perfect Lip Balm

Chapped lips are painful and uncomfortable. We love the Ellovi lip butter— it’s made from only 6 vegan ingredients, and it’s super nourishing, hydrating, and all the scents smell amazing!

3. Water To Stay Hydrated

Believe it or not, it’s super easy to get dehydrated in the winter. The cold often causes us to forget to drink. Having a beautiful [and sustainable] reusable water bottle with you at all times is not only eco friendly, but it helps you stay hydrated. We love this bottle by Yuhme because it’s carbon neutral, light weight, beautiful, and provides clean water to those in need.

4. The Perfect Cup of Tea

While we are talking about beverages, the perfect cup of tea can keep you warm from the inside out. We love matcha— opt for an organic tea and blend it with some of your favorite plant based milk! We always recommend looking for a matcha that comes in glass or a tin because those materials are easier to recycle than plastic [or you can reuse the container once you’ve finished the tea!].

5. The Perfect Vegan Winter Boot

Finding the perfect, warm, comfortable AND ethically made vegan winter boot is difficult. We love the Aspen Hiker boots from Bhava. They’re sustainably and ethically made…. and cute to BOOT [pun totally intended].

6. A Hydrating Mist

Skincare is especially important in the winter. The cold wind can suck the hydration out of your skin, so replenishing your skin with hydrating nourishment is key. We love the ONURTH Rose Hydrolat. It’s made from organically grown Bulgarian roses, smells amazing, and provides an extra layer of hydration that you can mist on your skin all day. We especially love that it’s packaged in glass— so you can reuse the spray bottle or easily recycle when you finish the hydrolat.

7. The Perfect Skin Cream

Speaking of skincare, the perfect face cream is key to keeping your skin feeling hydrated and nourished all winter long. We love the One Love Skin Dew… it’s light weight, deeply hydrating, smells amazing, vegan, and free from harsh ingredients.

8. The Perfect Comfy Pant

The perfect comfy pant will keep you cozy and comfy thru the coldest months of the year. If you’re a slouchy pant fan [read more about how to wear and style them HERE], then you’ll love the winter slouchy pants. Made from the softest brushed organic cotton, these comfy pants are the ultimate comfy. A winter must-have for us!

9. The Perfect Everything Lotion

Dry hands, dry body? Having the perfect lotion to keep you body moisturized will keep you feeling your best thru winter. We love the Fanciful Fox ‘Oats I Did It Again’ body lotion. It’s light weight, fast absorbing, not greasy, and extremely hydrating. We use this for our hands and body. Best part is, Fanciful Fox is 100% vegan, never tests on animals, and avoids harsh ingredients in all their products.

10. A Warm Hat

Last but not least, a warm hat is key to staying warm. Making sure your head, hands, and feet are covered is key to keeping warm. We love this Hoodlamb beanie. It’s super warm and cozy… not to mention super cute! It’s made from organic cotton and hemp with a faux fur pom pom. If you’re looking for a sustainable coat, check out Hoodlamb! They have great winter essentials!

Happy Winter!

Julia Ahrens