Sustainable + Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Traveling sustainably can be a bit of a conundrum. Having to float through the world with only what you have on your back and in your bag can seem to leave a lot of room for needing disposables. However, bringing a few extra items can go a long way, and leave the need for fewer single-use items as you journey.


As a frequent traveler, I’m often in the air and on the ground traversing many miles for taking trainings, leading retreats, visiting family and friends, and exploring the world with my love. I make as many efforts as I can to respect the earth as I go. I recognize that travel itself, especially via plane, makes a big impact on the planet, and though these small changes won’t offset the immensity of that, I write this in the hopes that through the small changes we make, travel can become more respectful of the earth and less wasteful.



As soon as I get through security, I whip out my empty Kleen Kanteen to fill with a decaf coffee or matcha latte. I use it throughout my travels for the same, so I never have to accept paper coffee cups with plastic lids. I fill my BKR bottle 1L with water throughout my time at the airport, making sure that it’s full for the flight.


Travel Attire

My favorite comfy clothes to travel in? Miakoda of course! I may be biased because Julia makes them, but I happen to think she is the epitome of excellent taste, is off-the-charts talented, and sticks to her values like glue. Which means that Miakoda meets all my standards for cuteness, comfiness, and compassion. I generally wear a Miakoda hoodie, joggers or slouchies, and tabi socks as my travel go-tos. Sorry, you won’t find tabi socks if you didn’t catch them two years ago...but I’ll bring these socks along in my carry-on especially if I’m traveling in flip-flops because it tends to get cold on the plane. And because the big toe is separated from the others, I can wear them off the plane into the airport with my flips (perhaps this can be a bold new fashion statement).



My old school refurbished Kindle keeps me company on the plane, filled to the brim with books about yoga, the mystery of life, brain science, and of course Harry Potter, my constant companion since 1998



I’ll often skip eating all together and take the time in-air to give my belly a break. I live with Ulcerative Colitis, and often-times flying, an already ungrounded activity, can irritate my intestines if I’m also filling them and asking them to function at their best. If I’m super hungry I’ll eat in-flight, usually some dates or bites of granola, otherwise I bring one of my Boston favorites, Whole Heart Provisions or Life Alive, through security and eat it in the airport as I wait to board.


Carry On Bags

Since my suitcase is checked while I’m in the airport, (if I’ve brought one) and my backpack is out of sight behind me, I keep my passport, IDs, money, and credit cards in a HFS collective Mind’s Eye Vintage Denim Pocket Bum Bag, that way it’s in front of me, always accessible, and in my sight. This kept my valuables safe with me through a recent trek through Europe.

Once At Destination


Package-free products from LUSH are a constant in my bathroom and in my toiletry bag as I travel: Godiva shampoo+conditioner in-one bar, Full of Grace solid serum, and Movis facial soap are in old glass containers (matcha, vegan yogurt from GT’s), stasher bags, and LUSH tins in my toiletry bag, which is a Remember Me Green zippered pouch with a bee on it (which is my family’s nickname for me), that I received as a gift for Christmas from Julia, supporting her friend Jill who owns RMG.


For my destination, I pack a stowable reusable bag for shopping at my destination (Julia likes foldable Baggu), and a Leni Penn bag in light grey vegan ostrich (obviously not the real bird-friend!) to become a fashionable and functional bag when I arrive so I don’t have to carry my backpack or suitcase. The Miakoda Moon Pouch houses my makeup, which I rarely wear, but my travels are often for weddings and special events. I love the rose quartz eyeshadow palette from Aether Beauty.


I paid for all of these products out-of-pocket with my own hard-earned dough. There were no sponsorships, paid partnerships, or gifted items (except the toiletry bag, my sister gave me that for Christmas!). All of these items are truly what I use, and I feel proud to spend my money on products that are ethical, sustainable, and are committed to making a difference in this world. Have a travel favorite that wasn’t mentioned? Share it below, and make sure to link to where we can all get it and give props to the mindful mind behind it!




Julia Ahrens