Tips For A Zero Waste Halloween


Love spooky season, but feeling spooked by the amount of waste that’s created from bite size candies and disposable decorations? Here are our tips and tricks to celebrate a more sustainable and eco-friendly Halloween!

CANDY SWAP [to avoid packaging waste]:

Avoid individually wrapped candied by handing out apples or clementines. They’re in season and come in their own natural wrapper! You might not be the most exciting house on the block or apartment on the floor with the kids, but parents will be excited to see a healthy [and eco-friendly] treat! We don’t recommend making your own treats to hand out as most people won’t feel comfortable eating something unpackaged. Which leads us to our next tip….


Make your own pumpkin spice, apple, pecan autumnal everything at home! Instead of buying all the pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin flavored treats, and seasonal specials that you see packaged at the store…. make your own! We love the recipes by the Minimalist baker. Some of our favs are: Gluten Free Apple Crisp , Vegan Pumpkin Roll, Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Soup, and Pumpkin Maple Pecan Granola ! PLUS your house or apartment will smell amazing while you’re cooking. PRO TIP: Bring these recipes to friend’s parties, work parties, to share with friends, family, and colleagues. Transport them in glass reusable containers!


The most easy zero waste hack is to go pumpkin picking [best autumn activity], carve the pumpkin as your holiday decoration, use the pumpkin meat to make some of the recipes above, roast the seeds [we love to add cinnamon and sugar or salt], and finally compost your pumpkin at the end of the season.



If you have a costume from last year, reuse it! It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that being the same costume every year is “bad” when it’s actually incredibly sustainable. Feel way too unoriginal? Add a small detail change to add a new take on an old costume. For example: If you were a cat last year, reuse the costume, draw fangs on your mouth, and be a scary cat!


If you are 100% against reusing an old costume, try swapping! Find a friend with an old costume and trade! Now you both have two new costumes. If you and your friends don’t have any old costumes, if you’re going to the same party, try switching your regular clothing and dress up as each other!


Making your own costume isn’t as hard as it seems. Dressing in a single color is a great base for many costumes ideas. For example:

  • Wear All Black = to be a panther or ninja

  • Wear All White= to be an angel or ghost

  • Wear All Orange= to be a pumpkin or lion

  • Wear All Pink= to be a flower

  • Wear All Blue= to be a wave *Extra points if you promote saving our oceans with your costume!

We recommend using make up to work to your advantage with these costumes. An easy outfit with fancy halloween make up can be really exciting! If you’re not that great or creative with make up, we suggest heading to youtube. Tons of beauty bloggers are sharing their tips, tricks, and easy halloween make up hacks. We love the halloween makeup tutorials on Ashley Morganic’s channel HERE and HERE


It’s surprising what great finds you can discover at the thrift store. Sometimes you can even find halloween costumes! If there aren’t any halloween stores near you, check out an app like Poshmark! You can also find regular clothing that is perfect to dress up like your favorite celeb [extra points if you have pieces in your own closet to do this too!].


When in doubt, look around your home. A costume can be fun and festive while utilizing items you already have. For example: throw on an apron and grab a spatula to be a baker or chef!

and most importantly….


Julia Ahrens