Miakoda is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethically made comfy clothing company. We use exclusively plant-based materials [with the addition of small percentages of spandex for comfort and movement]. You’ll never find animal fibers or synthetic [polyester, acrylic, etc] materials in a Miakoda garment.

The main mission behind Miakoda is to create clothing that you can feel comfortable in both physically and mentally! We pride ourselves in making clothing that is super soft, super cozy, and super comfortable [without sacrificing style!]. Many don’t think of clothing as being mentally comfortable, but we want to let your mind rest in our garments, knowing that you haven’t supported any practices that harm our planet and its inhabitants!

Sustainability and ethics are paramount in all our decisions and design processes.

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Miakoda is based and created on a strong set of values. Producing ethically and sustainably made clothing is paramount for us.

Eco-friendly: We work with the highest quality plant based materials that are sustainably harvested and turned from crop into fabric. Even our shipping materials are recycled and/or recyclable. Being kind to our planet is extremely important to us.

Human Labor: We work with ethical factories in NYC to produce our clothing. Making sure that nobody is exploited, taken advantage of, paid unfair, or treated unethically is our top priority.

Animal Rights: We don’t use any animal fibers or products in garments. We are firm believers that we can make incredible clothing without hurting animals.

Our Customers: We value and appreciate our customers so much. That’s why they are one of our top values. Making clothing that will live in their closets for years to come is our mission. Our goal is to make clothing that’s so comfortable and stylish that it empowers our customers to live in this world as the best version of themselves.



We are very proud to have over doubled our sales from 2017 to 2018. In 2017 we sold approximately 50k in product. In 2018 we have already surpassed 100k and are expecting to finish the year around 110-115k.


In 2018 we have implemented some marketing strategies that have done wonders for our sales. Some of these strategies include working with influencers on social media [specifically Youtube and Instagram] who have engaged followers. Working with these influencers has increased our brand awareness and increased sales. In 2019 we plan to grow this form of marketing to continue our growth. We have also recently started working with a Pinterest specialist to optimize our reach and growth on the Pinterest platform as well. In 2019 we plan to start running Facebook and Instagram ads to increase brand awareness and continue to grow sales.


Over the past 5 years of business, we have grown to love direct to consumer and e-commerce. It allows us to connect personally with our customers and to engage with them directly. It allows us to receive feedback first hand so we can grow and evolve our products. Our plan is to continue our marketing strategies to continue to reach new customers. This strategy has worked substantially in 2018 and we are excited to see how it helps us grow in 2019 and years to come.

As sales grow, we have also been able to scale our production. The factory we work with in NYC is very willing to work with us to help us grow and meet our growing demand.


The prize money would be so valuable to us. One of the biggest factors keeping us small has been money restriction. We don’t have enough funds to produce large enough quantities. We often sell out of products and are unable to come out with new styles due to fund restrictions.

The #1 priority for the prize money would be to fund production. We would allocate about 20K for production. We would produce our best selling styles at a larger quantity. Not only would this help us keep our styles in stock, it would help us cut costs. The large the fabric order we place, and the large the production order we place, the lower the costs per yardage and per piece. We have never been able to hit a price break due to our small batch production. This money would give us the opportunity to cut costs and produce more.

I would then allocate 5k to new development. I would love to expand our product line. This money would give us the opportunity to work closely with our NYC factory to develop some new styles for production.

The final 5k would go to advertising. In 2019 we plan to work with more influencers and to run Instagram/Facebook ads. This money would go towards that. This would help us reach more people to sell the higher quantity of goods that we would be able to produce!