RMG x MIAKODA Moon Backpack

RMG x MIAKODA Moon Backpack


You guys loved our Remember Me Green x Miakoda moon pouch so much, that we have teamed up again to create the most sustainable, eco friendly, and ethically made backpack! 

*Each backpack is made from 18 pattern pieces-- double lined to make it extra sturdy and durable* 

  • Size: 15" Circle 
  • Fabric Content:
    • Outside: Recycled NYC Billboards (yes, actual billboards that hung outdoors in NYC-- it's a super durable vinyl material!) 
    • Lining: Deadstock white organic cotton fabric (left over fabric from a previous Miakoda season!)
    • Zipper: Organic Cotton
    • Inside Label: Organic Cotton
    • Moon Charm: Solar dried wood from a sustainable family owned farm in Wisconsin. The farm is Smart Wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. (3" long)
    • Straps: 100% Hemp and adjustable to fit all sizes!
    • All hardware is metal (no unnecessary plastic here!)
  • Features: Inside 9.5" x 8.5" patch pocket and a 9" x 6" zipper pocket.
  • *Please note: all backpacks are handmade, so please allow for slight variation due to nature of the billboard and moon painting process. 
  • Made ethically in NY.

We are excited to team up with Remember Me Green, another woman owned company in NY that is committed to sustainability and ethics in design. www.remembermegreen.com

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