The Zero Waste Scrunchie- FINAL SALE

The Zero Waste Scrunchie- FINAL SALE

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Little fabric scraps usually end up in landfills…. but we couldn’t let that be the case at Miakoda! We’ve created our zero waste scrunchie using small fabric scraps that are created during the cutting process of our garment production and elastic that’s been sitting in our office for over a year with no use.

Random pack of three is a random selection of any size and color that we will choose for you. It’s a surprise!

Fabric: Made 100% From Scrap Materials + deadstock elastic

  • Grey- Bamboo + spandex

  • Orchid- Organic cotton + soy + spandex

  • White- Bamboo + organic cotton + spandex

  • Orchid- Soy +organic cotton + spandex

  • Nude- Soy + organic cotton + spandex

  • Black- Soy + organic cotton + spandex / Bamboo + organic cotton + spandex / Organic Cotton + spandex

  • Stripes- Organic cotton + bamboo

  • Frost- Organic cotton + bamboo + spandex

  • Sweatshirt Charcoal- Lycoell + organic cotton + spandex


  • S/M- Ruffle of scrunchie is approx 1”-1.5” width

  • M/L- Ruffle of scrunchie is larger than 2”

PLEASE NOTE: the scrunchies are handmade by the Miakoda Team in our NY office [not professional sewers] from scraps, so size varies from scrunchie to scrunchie, but all are made with love and passion for our planet.

Size + Color:
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