Welcome to Miakoda

We create the most comfortable, sustainable, ethically made clothing that feels good and looks good.

All our garments are made from eco friendly plant based materials in ethical, local factories in NYC.

We created our clothing + accessories in small batches. Our limited edition drops allow us to produce more mindfully and create less waste.


I shop at Miakoda because the models are amazing and make me feel like I'm shopping for clothes that are styled for all women. Plus, they're helping fight the disposable fashion trend by making quality sustainable garments.

Kelly P.

Discovering Miakoda was the best thing to happen to my wardrobe. I feel grateful every time I wear a piece of their clothing. The fabric is ridiculously soft, the comfort level is unmatched, but most importantly, I know my purchase contributed to the growth of the slow-fashion industry and to a truly transparent & sustainable company.