Miakoda is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethically made comfy clothing company. We use exclusively plant-based materials [with the addition of small percentages of spandex for comfort and movement]. You’ll never find animal fibers or synthetic [polyester, acrylic, etc] materials in a Miakoda garment.

The main mission behind Miakoda is to create clothing that you can feel comfortable in both physically and mentally! We pride ourselves on making clothing that is super soft, super cozy, and super comfortable [without sacrificing style!]. Many don’t think of clothing as being mentally comfortable, but we want to let your mind rest in our garments, knowing that you haven’t supported any practices that harm our planet and its inhabitants!

Sustainability and ethics are paramount in all our decisions and design processes.


Miakoda, pronounced ME-A-CO-DA, means power of the moon. We all live and are connected underneath one powerful moon.

No matter what gender, ethnicity, species, etc etc etc you are, we (the Miakoda team) care about your well being, health, and happiness.... after all, we are all connected, we are all one. 

Xo, Julia + Laura