Co-owner + Designer

Julia Ahrens

Fashion designer and former shopaholic turned sustainable lifestyler vegan yogi.

Julia graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC with a BFA in Fashion Design in 2012.  She previously worked for various companies in New York City including Zac Posen, creating pieces for his 2011  Z Spoke runway collection. 

As Julia started to practice yoga, she began to look at her choices and how they impact our planet and its inhabitants. She questioned the traditional practices used in the fashion industry. Animal fibers, toxic synthetics, pesticide ridden materials, sweatshops, unfair labor, and disposable clothing became undesirable and scary to support and create. This realization birthed Miakoda in 2013!

Co-owner + Inspirationalist

Laura Ahrens

Laura is most known for her physically and mentally challenging (yet calming and inspiring) yoga classes. Laura holds a degree in Musical Theater from The University Of The Arts in Philadelphia. However, her introduction and subsequent passion for yoga has had an impact on Miakoda that nothing else has. 

Laura graduated her first yoga teacher training in 2011 and has completed multiple other trainings, mentorships, and workshops to further her education and knowledge of the practice since. 

After completing her first training, she began sharing the practice with Julia, which got the Miakoda ball rolling. Together, the two of them began to practice their yoga off the mat by using mindfulness in multiple aspects of their life, including clothing consumption.

Laura continues to live a truly mindful and compassionate lifestyle that inspires Julia + the Miakoda journey and mission.


Pigeon [RIP 5.17.2021]

Pronounced Pee-Jaun, the pigeon is the most loved (and the most moody) member of the Miakoda team. He was rescued in 2007 as an abandoned baby on the streets of Long Island, NY.

Originally taken in with the intention of rehabilitating and releasing, Pigeon got used to a life of befriending cats, dogs, and humans... and still struggles with his flying skills. Although he cannot travel far and wide, he helps us to pack our orders so that they can ship around the world to all of you!