I live in all of my Miakoda pieces LITERALLY! They are well made and sooo incredibly soft. I can't pick just one piece as my favorite because they are all my favourite pieces of clothing, even my scrunchies.

What's great about each piece is that you can keep it casual or dress them up. I'm obsesses and so happy I found this brand!!

- Alisha

Miakoda is my go-to loungewear! I love how soft and comfortable the pieces are and appreciate the variety of styles. Shipping is fast and the handwritten note is a lovely touch.

I can't wait to see the new styles and colors you come out with next!!

- Amelia

I've bought my wife several items from Miakoda and she loves them all. Not only are the items high quality, but they have great customer service and ship everything super quickly.

- Kevin R.

Every time I order from Miakoda, I do so with complete trust in the quality of their clothes and customer service. I feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident in Miakoda clothes, which have become daily staples in my wardrobe.

- Julie H.

I shop at Miakoda because the models are amazing and make me feel like I'm shopping for clothes that are styled for all women. Plus, they're helping fight the disposable fashion trend by making quality sustainable garments.

- Kelly P.

Discovering Miakoda was the best thing to happen to my wardrobe. I feel grateful every time I wear a piece of their clothing for SO many reasons: the fabric is ridiculously soft, the comfort level is unmatched, but most importantly, I know my purchase contributed to the growth of the slow-fashion industry and to a truly transparent and sustainable company.


- Andrea

I am so happy I discovered Miakoda.

After learning more about the fast fashion industry, I wanted to make a more conscious effort about where I purchase my clothing. It feels good to support a small ethical business and I have loved every piece of clothing I've purchased.

Everything fits nicely and is SO comfortable and high quality.

- Leah

I love absolutely everything about Miakoda.

The ethics and values that are the driving force behind the brand, the honesty and transparency and love with which Julia runs the company: it's a joy to support a business like this!

In every sense, because each piece is perfection. Super comfy but very stylish (but super comfy), and also versatile, and made with the softest fabrics.

I've been wearing Miakoda every day for a few years now and couldn't be happier. But then, Julia manages to make me happier every time.

- Evelina.

Miakoda changed literally my life: I never thought I could be extremely comfy and at the same time express myself. I never felt really confident until I discovered (thanks to my sister).

Miakoda and Julia, a very special girl boss. Prices may look expensive but they really aren't when you realize the quality and how much you wear the clothes (in my case, daily, and always more than a piece). They are worth every penny and more.

Totally grateful and in love with Miakoda.

- Tiziana

My partner first put me on to Miakoda, and I'm so glad! The deadstock masks have helped us stay safe and comfy throughout the pandemic, and I'm excited to venture into more loungewear, especially as Miakoda expands it's unisex focus!

- Gabriel